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Florida Memorial University Dining Services Employment Opportunities   

Who wouldn't like to have a little extra for weekends, road trips or gas? We are always looking for students who want to start a professional track record of dependability and responsibility. We hire cashiers, catering staff, convenience store help and much more. Want to know how successful restaurant owners often get their start? Washing dishes. Believe it!

Student employees receive:  

  • A competitive starting wage

  • Opportunities for pay increases

  • A free meal for every shift worked

  • Schedules to support academics

  • Opportunities for advancement

  • Convenient on-campus work locations

If you are interested in obtaining a job in the Dining Hall, please email us at unit39@thompsonhospitality.com

Meet the Staff

(305) 731-5570

Food Service Director

Richard Vega

(305) 731-0492

Catering Director

Armando Sigaretta

(305) 731-5499

Executive Chef

Oscar Leopold

(305) 496-4465

Service Manager

Marc McDuffie


15800 NW 42nd Ave Miami Gardens, FL 33054


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